Sunday, January 5, 2020

Vladimir Putins Leadership Style Free Essay Example, 1000 words

By definition, leadership can be defined as the practice of influencing other people towards the achievement of individual pre-described objectives. Similarly, leadership style is the method adopted by the leader to perform the roles as well as the responsibilities of the management process (Tsygankov, 2005). Notably, most historical as well as contemporary leaders have either inherent leadership qualities or made. Therefore, this paper seeks to examine the current Russian President known as Vladimir Putin, ("Vladimir Putin - Facts Summary - HISTORY. com", 2017). Putin applies various concepts of leadership. First, Putin works on growing civility of his followers, nationalism. This is a concept where leaders enhance the loyalty of their followers to the organization and nation. Having served in the secret police service as a spy, Putin is able to use this to his advantage. Through this Putin has been able to enjoy a good domestic approval rating. Putin s presidency remains to be a classic case whereby personal leadership may stamp its preferences on an era (Putin, 2013). Secondly, Putin applies the concept of situational leadership. This is a concept that calls on to leaders to apply their leadership skills to different situations. We will write a custom essay sample on Vladimir Putins Leadership Style or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Every situation is different and therefore should be the decision. Putin is accredited with bringing stability especially after the post-Soviet periods that saw state companies sold off cheaply, towering inflation as well as millions dumped into the vicious poverty among economic mismanagement as well as chronic corruption. Putin applied his firm decision-making style to stabilize this situation, (Putin, 2013). Thirdly, President Putin applies the concept of servant leadership. This can be attributed to his high approval rating. Vladimir Putin has depicted sensitivity to the Soviet history, still recalled fondly by most people, bringing back the stirring Soviet national hymn and the iconic communalist star as the symbol of the Russian army.

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